Whaleal Data Platform Self-Managed
The best way to run Whaleal Data Platform yourself.

Enterprise-ready features and professional support with custom SLAs.

WDP, effortless and swift data archiving. Let us guide your digital journey, seamlessly connecting to the future.

Secure and efficient data archiving platform, real-time monitoring assurance, multi-database migration, intelligent toggling between hot and cold data, configure secure scheduled tasks for added peace of mind in data archiving.
Secure and efficient data archiving platform with real-time monitoring. Facilitate multi-database migration, smart toggling between hot and cold data, configure secure scheduled tasks. Archive your data with peace of mind.

Clear and straightforward user management mechanism.

Craft custom user roles for diverse user profiles, effortlessly manage users. Flexible permission control, easy additions and deletions—providing a comprehensive user management solution for seamless operations on your platform.
Whaleal Data Platform seamlessly adapts to your organization's needs, effortlessly scales, meeting evolving demands with ease.

Ensuring your secure production use of the Whaleal Data Platform.

Real-time scrolling of user login information, clear monitoring of all tasks. Flexible configuration of email alerts and task execution modes, ensuring a secure and orderly data migration. We provide comprehensive monitoring and standards, making data migration more reliable and secure.
Operate according to your preferences, configure alert recipients through system settings.

Priority support at your fingertips

Direct access to our team of data experts. Get assistance with your Whaleal Data Platform deployment, upgrades, or any connection issues.
Custom SLAs to fit your needs.

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